Thursday, 5 July 2018

Top UI Design Trends That You Should Pay Attention To - Mediaplus Digital Pte Ltd

Top UI Design Trends for 2018 - Mediaplus Digital Pte Ltd

User Interface (UI) plays a direct role in enhancing user experience. A good UI is visually stimulating which will help to generate interest and traffic for your site. On top of that, your website usability is also largely determined by the website’s UI. In today’s article, we will look at the UI design trends around the world to provide some inspiration for you the next time you look to create a new website.

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Website Design Company Singapore

Full Screen Videos

Text and images are 1-dimensional stimulus that provide a one dimensional visual experience.  A video on the other hand gives you a full-on experience, with audio and visual satisfaction over a much longer period of time. This is exactly the reason why the usage of an immersive, full-screen video is becoming widely popular in a website’s design. It is a full-on engagement with your audience that allows for a rich story-telling experience. This helps users engage and relate with your brand much more easily.

Vivid Colors

Although a clean and minimalistic look is still popular, vivid colors have taken over as one of the forefront of web designs.The biggest advantage lies in the ability to invoke complex emotional and personality in the design. Gradients and rainbow colors are two of the many ways you can play with vivid colors to create great energy and make strong statement in your webpage. Lastly, the versatility offered is what makes this design popular for enriching the user experience.


Typography is nothing new to the world of design. Amazon, Apple and Google have long been creating custom typeface for their brand and products.  What has truly evolved in recent times is how typography is used today. Today, typography can be seen as the bold centerpiece of a website’s design. Infusing the typeface colors, size and placement with other elements such as picture, video and illustration brings forth an endless combination for an amazing user experience.


Another very versatile medium, custom-made illustration offers a sense of personality and character of the brand. Depending on your brand values and identity, illustrations offer a medium that allows you to capture your audience’s attention through the creativity. Designers can play around with the style and add animation or typography to further enhance the complexity of the design, which bring forth a rich and engaging experience for users.

For a truly breathtaking and effective design, a lot of focus has to be put into webdevelopment to allow consumers to relate to your brand and build a long-term bond. Need help in web design? Contact a Website Design Company Singapore expert today.


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