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Tips For Cost-Effective Web Development - Mediaplus Digital Pte Ltd

Web Development Company Singapore - Mediaplus Digital Pte Ltd

There are many misconceptions that people have with respect to Web Development Company Singapore. Most company owners think that creating an e-commerce website would just be a waste of investment. According to them, it is only a waste of time and money. In fact, they think that the process of developing a website is not only complicated but also very expensive. Well, it is time to debunk this misconception because the truth is that there are actually tons of ways on how to choose a cost-effective web development.

If you have a limited budget for creating your own e-commerce site, then you just landed on the right article for you. Our goal is to make people like you be aware of the fact that you can actually come up with an efficient website without actually burning a hole in your pocket. The rest of this article will talk about the tips on how you can get a cost-effective website.

web design company singapore
Web Design Company Singapore

1. Know What You Want

This is the first thing that you need to do. Learn to group your priorities with respect to web development. Ask yourself what are the kind of elements and features you want to appear on the site. Take your time to decide the type of website you want to have. When you do this the right way, you will be able to eliminate unnecessary changes or alterations during the process of developing the site. As a result, there will be lesser expenses to pay for your web designer.

2. Be Specific

When you have engaged in a Web Design Company Singapore expert, the first thing that you need to do is to discuss your preferences with its team of professional designers. It is highly recommended that before you get in touch with them, you already have the list of specifics you want to focus on. Aside from saving money, doing this can actually help you save resources. As such, you can use the extra time to focus on the other aspects of your business. At the same time, it can make your web designer work fast since everything is already made available at the first meeting.

3. Do Some Tasks

To get a good deal from your chosen web designer, one of the things that you can do is to perform some tasks on your own. For instance, you can keep yourself in charge with the content that will be posted on the site. That will help you scale down the things that you would like your web designer to work on, and thereby saving on manpower costs.

4. Ask Around

This is the part where you will have to compare and contrast all the available web design firms in Singapore. It is important to note that the prices provided by these firms vary from one another based on several factors. Study what affects their prices so that you will understand the entire process of developing a website. Learn what are the inclusions and exclusions offered by each company. By doing this, you will be able to see which among the firms has the capacity to make your dream website happen at the lowest cost possible.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

The ROI You Deserve Starts With A Professional Web Page

Professional Web Development Company Singapore - Mediaplus

Did you know that the secret to a high return on investment for your company is through the development of a professional web page? Nowadays, many people are already using the Internet to get information about certain products and services. Whenever they need to find important details about the things that they are interested in, all they have to do is to go online and use the search engines. This fact is very important for the success of your business venture. You have to take advantage of the latest advancement in technology so that you will be able to optimize your site and increase conversions.

In this article, we are going to give you a list of the top things that you need to focus on in order to get the return of investment that you have always wanted through your website.

1. Choose A Good Design For The Site

web design company singapore
Web Development Company Singapore

Did you know that the look of your website can have a positive or negative effect on your business? If the site looks clean and decent, then site visitors are more likely to stay longer on the website. When this happens, there is an increase in the possibility that they will become actual purchasers or buyers. Conversely, if the site has a bad web design, then it can make customers lose interest in what your company has to offer.

When it comes to choosing a design, make sure to consult with a professional Web Development Company Singapore. You must know what you want so that it will be easy to come up with a unique website look that will represent your company in the online market.

2. The Design Must Be Responsive

There is a need to emphasize the fact that many people are already using their smart phones or mobile gadgets to access the Internet. Thus, it is crucial that you ensure that your website’s user experience is consistent throughout different platforms and devices. Some website owners make a mistake of not offering a mobile version of their sites. Get a professional that does responsive Web Design Company Singapore to assist you on this.

3. Add Call To Action Buttons

The call to action buttons are those that dictate your potential clients on what to do with your website. It is imperative that these buttons must be added on areas of the site that are easily accessible to site owners. Do not give your target market a hard time to buy items from your site. Buttons like “Check out now” or “Order this item” must be placed on all product pages.

4. Provide Ways For Customers To Contact You

Even at this exact moment, there are still some consumers who are hesitant to enter into online transactions. They find it difficult to provide their contact information online in the fear that they will be scammed. To give them peace of mind, make sure that all your contact details are available on the website. Provide them with the right methods on how they can get in touch with you should they want to ask questions about your products and services. At the same time, do not forget to add a “Contact Us” page.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Top Features To Boost Mobile Conversions - Mediaplus Digital Pte Ltd

Improve Mobile Conversion Rate

Every company goes online with only one reason and that is to increase sales. However, increasing sales isn’t as simple, and actually there is a great need to design a website that is performing optimally to drive a higher conversion rate.

The challenge is quite difficult considering the fact that there are also other companies who want to achieve the same goal as yours. The competition can be quite difficult which is why you need to take some steps to up your game. There are some basic features that you have to check in order to boost mobile conversions.

web designing company singapore
Web Designing Company Singapore

Responsive Design

When it comes to designing a website, the first thing that you need to consider is its mobile accessibility. Make sure that you inform your web designer about this so that he or she will ensure that your website’s layout is consistent across different devices that are accessing your website.

The goal here is to ensure that the site will look good whether the viewers use their mobile gadgets or desktop computers. This ensure thatyour website visitors would be able to navigate through your site easily.

Call To Action Buttons

These buttons are important for the success of your e-commerce website. The buttons must appear on places that can be easily seen by potential buyers. It is imperative to note that the buttons must actually work. For example, if you are engaged in the business of selling online items, then you have to place the “check out” button in all the product pages. Do not give your potential clients or existing customers a hard time in looking for the right link to click.

Keep It Simple

There is beauty in sticking to something that looks simple. Be minimalist and ensure that your design appeals to your target audience. As much as possible, keep it simple. What you need to do is to strip the site design and its content down to only its important elements. Focus on the fundamental elements, and create an organized layout for your users to access.

Unsure of restructuring your site? You can always engage a Web Designing Company Singapore to assist you. There are so many firms engaged in the business of optimizing sites with the ultimate goal of boosting conversions.

Focus On Content

This is where you need to find the right team to work for your company. It is important that you must have a team of professionals who will take care of the content of your web pages. Do not just post anything on the site just for the sake of keeping it updated. Instead, give value to your customers by providing content that matter to them. Take note that having good content on the website can actually make people remember your site. At the same time, it can also make them stay longer on the site. This will definitely contribute to your conversion rate.

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Thursday, 5 July 2018

Top UI Design Trends That You Should Pay Attention To - Mediaplus Digital Pte Ltd

Top UI Design Trends for 2018 - Mediaplus Digital Pte Ltd

User Interface (UI) plays a direct role in enhancing user experience. A good UI is visually stimulating which will help to generate interest and traffic for your site. On top of that, your website usability is also largely determined by the website’s UI. In today’s article, we will look at the UI design trends around the world to provide some inspiration for you the next time you look to create a new website.

website design company Singapore
Website Design Company Singapore

Full Screen Videos

Text and images are 1-dimensional stimulus that provide a one dimensional visual experience.  A video on the other hand gives you a full-on experience, with audio and visual satisfaction over a much longer period of time. This is exactly the reason why the usage of an immersive, full-screen video is becoming widely popular in a website’s design. It is a full-on engagement with your audience that allows for a rich story-telling experience. This helps users engage and relate with your brand much more easily.

Vivid Colors

Although a clean and minimalistic look is still popular, vivid colors have taken over as one of the forefront of web designs.The biggest advantage lies in the ability to invoke complex emotional and personality in the design. Gradients and rainbow colors are two of the many ways you can play with vivid colors to create great energy and make strong statement in your webpage. Lastly, the versatility offered is what makes this design popular for enriching the user experience.


Typography is nothing new to the world of design. Amazon, Apple and Google have long been creating custom typeface for their brand and products.  What has truly evolved in recent times is how typography is used today. Today, typography can be seen as the bold centerpiece of a website’s design. Infusing the typeface colors, size and placement with other elements such as picture, video and illustration brings forth an endless combination for an amazing user experience.


Another very versatile medium, custom-made illustration offers a sense of personality and character of the brand. Depending on your brand values and identity, illustrations offer a medium that allows you to capture your audience’s attention through the creativity. Designers can play around with the style and add animation or typography to further enhance the complexity of the design, which bring forth a rich and engaging experience for users.

For a truly breathtaking and effective design, a lot of focus has to be put into webdevelopment to allow consumers to relate to your brand and build a long-term bond. Need help in web design? Contact a Website Design Company Singapore expert today.