Wednesday, 20 June 2018

How Important Is It To Have A SEO-Friendly Website?

The Basics of SEO Friendly Design and Development

With many companies engaging in Website Design Company Singapore, one of the most popular question is: ‘is it worth paying the extra cash to create one that is SEO-Friendly?’

It must be noted that many people are accessing different websites through the use of varying devices. The goal here is to make sure that your e-commerce website has a mobile version too.

Once you are done with working on the design of your site, the next thing that you need to consider is Search Engine Optimization. There is a need for you to work on this so that your website will be easily found when users search for your products. Take note that it is important to make your company’s brand, as well as its products and services, to be known in the online market. Otherwise, you will not be able to capture your target audience and turn them into your loyal customers. The question now is: How do you achieve a SEO-Friendly site? Read the rest of the article to find out the answer to this.

web design services singapore
Web Design Services Singapore

Choose A Good Hosting Provider

Without a hosting provider, the worst thing that can happen to you is having to cater for the losses incurred when your website is down. When this happens, you are losing out on the opportunities to engage with your online customers and your brand’s online reputation will also be affected.

This is why you really need to look for the right web host provider for the website. At the same time, take note of the significance of choosing a high bandwidth for the site.

Give Access to Content

Some websites require a log in or registration before content is made available to the site visitors. This is something that you need to avoid especially if you want people to stay on your website. A high bounce rate can hurt the statistics of the e-commerce website. Therefore, it is really imperative that you give users easy access to all types of content.

Conduct Update and Maintenance

One of the things that you must never forget is to update your website regularly. Create a schedule for checking the status of your site. When you do this, it will become easier on your part to detect some problems or complications. It will also enable you to provide the proper remedies before it gets worse. At the same time, this is also necessary so that you can keep up a good ranking at Google. Web crawlers have the capacity to detect whether or not there are new content on the site. If Google finds out that the site is outdated, then it is more likely for them to penalize your website rankings.

If you believe that you are not equipped with the right skills as regards web development as well as digital marketing, do not worry because you can always engage a professional that offers Web Design Services Singapore.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

How Does SEM Allow Smaller Companies To Compete With Bigger Companies?

How Your Small Business Can Compete With a Larger Competitor

All businesses, regardless of its size, always have the same goal and that is to earn higher profits. For a small company, it may be difficult to gain market share and compete with the big players in the market. The question is: how can they compete especially in the online market?

In this article, our main focus is on the importance of Search Engine Marketing for smaller companies. By reading the rest of this write up, you will discover that it is possible for smaller companies to compete with the big ones. Here are some of the tips and tricks that you need to follow:

Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Marketing

1. Select The Right Keywords For Your Website

Be strategic on the keywords that you will use to promote your website. Take note that buying ads online, such as advertising on search engine pages, can be expensive. To make every penny count, it is highly recommended that you select the right keywords. Invest in relevant and high converting keywords.

2. Write or Create Alluring Ads

After you have shortlisted down a list of keywords, the next thing to do is to craft out creative ads to feature to your target audience. Communicate your unique selling point (USP) to your potential customers and catch their attention by informing them of the promotions available in your site. 

3. Use Social Media Channels

Just because you are a small business does not mean that you cannot stand out from the big ones. As already mentioned above, the playing field can be made even for all the industry players. The best example of this is when it comes to managing social media accounts. At this point, it is important for you to use all your online accounts in the smartest way possible. Use a content calendar and create a schedule to share content via all your social media channels.

4. Build Better Connections and Relationship

The success of your business is also dependent on how you manage connections and relationships with your existing customers and potential clients. Make sure that you are responsive to queries given to you. At the same time, you are also highly encouraged to interact with the online community. Connect with potential clients and encourage them to visit your website.

If you are still unconfined with executing these steps, you can always get engage a Web Designing Company Singapore that offers SEM services to assist you or to manage your digital marketing efforts. All you have to do is to do your research and engage one that is reliable and will help your business succeed through search engine marketing.

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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Having A Peace Of Mind With Managed Hosting - Mediaplus Digital Pte Ltd

What Exactly is Managed Web Hosting

One of the key considerations of Web Development Company Singapore is whether one should select an unmanaged hosting or managed hosting. There are people and companies who would spend the lowest amount to manage all the technical issues and situations by themselves. However, there are people who would pay more for someone to handle such issues. This article explores the reasons for the latter. Before that, one must understand what maintaining a modern server entails.

Staffing And Expertise

To maintain a mere server, a number of staff is needed to develop or download scripts, patches, upgrades, intervention while installing scripts, monitoring scripts, and more. Without specialised professionals, your website would be vulnerable to attacks. Additionally, it is necessary to update machines software constantly to satisfy the customer’s needs and demands. Likewise, professionals who have the technical tools to make these changes can only do this.

singapore website development
Singapore Website Development
Thus, maintaining your own server instead of getting a third party is only advised if your company has adequate staffs that are possess high expertise in this area. Managed Web hosting is highly advised for those who have limited technical knowledge.

Save Time and Energy

Managed Web hosting frees up businesses from spending time on web server maintenance. They do not have to constantly be aware of the latest security patch or backup their files. Additionally, adequate staffing is needed to ensure that these operations are being managed constantly. These business owners can thus focus on what they are good at and do not have to worry whether savings might be lost due to issues arising from a non-managed account. In turn, more time and resources can be spent on developing one’s online presence.

Not Much More Expensive

Saving cost would be a great idea if getting a managed hosting is much more costly than its counterpart. The benefits apparently outweighs the costs. By spending some money on getting a third party to manage it, much time is saved. For example, hours are required to fix a botched upgrade, and may apply to a simple disk check. These hours robs manpower that could be used in other areas that generate revenues.

Higher Profit

With the above considerations, managed hosting will be a great choice especially for small businesses as the time saved by getting adequate professionals with technical skills to deal with this matter frees up time to focus on other business areas and activities.

Why experience unnecessary pressure on yourself by spending time on finding staff, maintaining the server, and worrying about cyber threats when you can delegate the responsibility at a reasonable cost to a full service digital marketing agency and Singapore Website Development? If you do, you can have a peace of mind and worry about more important things that would boost your revenue.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Five Pillars of SEO Strategy - Mediaplus Digital Pte Ltd

Your online presence, which involves developing an efficient Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, is incredibly important in a digital world today. Huge profits can be lost once an organisation’s first page rankings experience a drop. Thus, below are key principles of SEO that you might want to update your company with.

1) Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the foundation to get any content out to consumers. Staying competitive is challenging as some organisations may completely customized their sites. You can only outwit them if you are better in other areas. Additionally, this may come with several issues that are associated with similar platforms. Fixing technical issues can be complex especially if it involves high-level technical skills like coding.

2) Site Speed

The time it takes for consumers to access a site can affect their likelihood of wanting to access those sites again. As users might access them via their mobile phones and have a shorter attention span when using them, they may expect your website to be of a certain speed. You can check your own site speed for free at websites like to make sure that your site is of a certain speed. Just like Technical SEO, addressing known issues can be difficult. Thus, do not be afraid to discuss with the several Web Development Companies in Singapore to address any issues that may arise.

web development companies in singapore
Web Development Companies in Singapore

3) Users’ Experience

Users’ experiences are impacted by search results that are determined by algorithms set in place by Google. Thus, it is essential to understand the interactions between users and your website. For example, if users often click back to the search engine after visiting your site, your site may not fit the search. These are also affected by the visual appeal of the site and its content, as well as the site speed (as mentioned above). Consequently, they affect whether users would remain on your site to do business with your company.

4) Content Optimization

Content that features long-tailed keywords will be ranked for multiple terms, thus increasing its visibility and presence. However, the efficacy of the content portrayed depends on the needs, preferences and desires of users. Content that is tailored to those needs would ensure a higher success rate that they would be accessed. Additionally, you must think of ways to make those content prominent out of the other prevalent sites.

5) Link Building

Links are used to find out about new web pages and their rankings. It is very essential in SEO, yet not many can do it well. The traffic you receive would depend on your site’s authority and rank for long-tailed keywords.

Link building thus allows you to outreach to other credible and relevant sites. It also helps to build lasting relationships with consumers and increase your own reliability. This also contributes to higher traffic that in turn contributes to increase in sales.

6) Moving Forward

SEO is here to stay and will continue to be the means of developing links to your business. Do not be afraid to find companies that provide SEO Services to ensure that reliable websites would be develop to appeal to users and increase your ranking. If the above pillars are not part of your SEO strategy, it is time to reconsider your approach.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

An Excellent Web-page As The Springboard For Your Business Success

Increasingly, more and more companies are placing their emphasis and resources on Web Development and Website Design Services Singapore. This is because more and more companies are seeing the importance of venturing online.

In this article, the primary focus will be about designing an excellent business as the springboard for business success.

With the recent advancements in technology, it becomes easy and convenient on the part of consumers to find the items they want to buy online. They no longer need to go to the malls or stores before they can order for the products they need and want. Nowadays, all they need to do is to visit the web pages of their favorite sellers or brands. Everything can be facilitated online instantly. This allows consumers to save a lot of time.

web design company singapore
Web Design Company Singapore

Needless to say, there are already thousands of websites available on the Internet. The owners of these sites also share the same goal as yours and that is to succeed in their business ventures. This is where the challenge starts because you have to compete with the other websites. You have to make sure that you can make your e-commerce site stand out from all the rest. It must be the go-to site of people who want to shop online. To make this happen, you must work hard on the design of your website.

Look At The Design Elements

When it comes to developing and designing a website, always take into consideration the design elements that you will add. Well, first of all, it is imperative that you think of the overall look of the website. Try to choose a simple and minimalist design. Take note that the visual appeal of the site can influence your buyers’ purchase decision.

Create A Responsive Site

The next thing to do is to make sure that you have a responsive Web Design Company Singapore. At this point, you have to recognize the fact that many people are already using smartphones and mobile gadgets. These devices are often used in accessing the Internet. As such, the task here involves adding important codes on your site that allow it to automatically convert itself depending on the type of device used by the site visitor. To get a full understanding about this, you can always get in touch with a web design agency to assist you.

Make A User Friendly Website

This is pretty obvious already. As you take on the challenge of creating your own website, do not forget to imagine how site visitors would react on every choice that you make. Customer satisfaction must be your top priority. When they like what they see on the website, then they are more likely to make a purchase. On the other hand, if the site is unclean and the elements are scattered, then most likely they will not buy from the e-commerce website.

If you need help organizing your e-commerce store, get an expert that does ecommerce web development to assist you.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

A Simple Guide to Email Marketing - Mediaplus Digital Pte Ltd

Email Marketing has been stated as the best tool to generate the most rate of return or return on investment. This would involve obtaining customers’ email addresses. However, what do you do with those email addresses? To be effective, it requires more than just sending content to those addresses. Below are some strategies that you can consider to better market your organisation, brand, services, and products.

Email Marketing - web design services singapore
Email Marketing

1) Build Your Database

First, you need to harness a huge amount of email addresses, including your current subscriber database if any. Build on your existing customers by rewarding them to ensure customer loyalty. For example, you could get them to access a free online course or e-book on your page only after they have given you their email address. This applies to any starting or well-established organisations. However, upon building a solid database, it is vital to ensure that the content you deliver to your customers would not be marked as a spam.

2) Avoiding The Spam Category

It is not only a good practice to ensure that your emails will not be marked down as spam, it is also a lawful practice. Laws and charges are set out in place to prevent criminals from sending spams to deny one’s organisation services and access to networks.

To ensure that your emails will not be categorized as spam:

  • State your postal address clearly
  • State the receiver’s name personally. Doing that would increase the likelihood that your email will be seen as important and read.
  • Do not use deceptive email titles. Instead, state your content and intent clearly.
  • Allow customers to unsubscribe easily. It is better to have willing subscribers who would actively read your content, rather than customers who would ignore or delete your messages. Once they unsubscribe, make sure to stop sending emails.

3) Constructing Appealing Emails

Developing content that attracts readers is based on the same principles of developing a good first impression when meeting someone. Within just a few seconds, people develop either positive or negative impressions of the other. To have a positive impression of your email depends on the subject title and headers. This may involve prior research to know what kind of words would constitute an appealing title. Additionally, try to keep them succinct. Once you have come up with a good title, set a good “pre-header” after the subject line.

4) Tailor Content According To Needs

Relating to the above, what would appeal to your customers would be according to their desires and needs. These can be obtained from prior surveys that you might have conducted before targeting certain information to them. As you break down those needs, there may be patterns to be aware of including their gender, product preferences, how they use your products, certain services that they constantly sort after, and more.When you have more information about your customers, it will give you the advantage of tailoring content to their needs and wants.

5) Above-The-Fold

Once you have built an adequate list of subscribers, ensure that your email would not be marked as spam. Construct effective titles and understand your customers’ needs, subsequent content must continue to be effective and clear. The term – “above-the-fold” is often referred to as the upper half of content in newspapers that is visible to the reader before they continue reading. It is important to display something enticing that can be in the form of a striking image or interesting quote (get creative), that would draw your subscribers to open the email and continue reading.

Lastly, do make sure that your content is vetted before sending them to your customers. If you are unsure of doing so, you can always look for a professional offering   Web Design Services Singapore to assist you in pitching your content.