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A Simple Guide to Email Marketing - Mediaplus Digital Pte Ltd

Email Marketing has been stated as the best tool to generate the most rate of return or return on investment. This would involve obtaining customers’ email addresses. However, what do you do with those email addresses? To be effective, it requires more than just sending content to those addresses. Below are some strategies that you can consider to better market your organisation, brand, services, and products.

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Email Marketing

1) Build Your Database

First, you need to harness a huge amount of email addresses, including your current subscriber database if any. Build on your existing customers by rewarding them to ensure customer loyalty. For example, you could get them to access a free online course or e-book on your page only after they have given you their email address. This applies to any starting or well-established organisations. However, upon building a solid database, it is vital to ensure that the content you deliver to your customers would not be marked as a spam.

2) Avoiding The Spam Category

It is not only a good practice to ensure that your emails will not be marked down as spam, it is also a lawful practice. Laws and charges are set out in place to prevent criminals from sending spams to deny one’s organisation services and access to networks.

To ensure that your emails will not be categorized as spam:

  • State your postal address clearly
  • State the receiver’s name personally. Doing that would increase the likelihood that your email will be seen as important and read.
  • Do not use deceptive email titles. Instead, state your content and intent clearly.
  • Allow customers to unsubscribe easily. It is better to have willing subscribers who would actively read your content, rather than customers who would ignore or delete your messages. Once they unsubscribe, make sure to stop sending emails.

3) Constructing Appealing Emails

Developing content that attracts readers is based on the same principles of developing a good first impression when meeting someone. Within just a few seconds, people develop either positive or negative impressions of the other. To have a positive impression of your email depends on the subject title and headers. This may involve prior research to know what kind of words would constitute an appealing title. Additionally, try to keep them succinct. Once you have come up with a good title, set a good “pre-header” after the subject line.

4) Tailor Content According To Needs

Relating to the above, what would appeal to your customers would be according to their desires and needs. These can be obtained from prior surveys that you might have conducted before targeting certain information to them. As you break down those needs, there may be patterns to be aware of including their gender, product preferences, how they use your products, certain services that they constantly sort after, and more.When you have more information about your customers, it will give you the advantage of tailoring content to their needs and wants.

5) Above-The-Fold

Once you have built an adequate list of subscribers, ensure that your email would not be marked as spam. Construct effective titles and understand your customers’ needs, subsequent content must continue to be effective and clear. The term – “above-the-fold” is often referred to as the upper half of content in newspapers that is visible to the reader before they continue reading. It is important to display something enticing that can be in the form of a striking image or interesting quote (get creative), that would draw your subscribers to open the email and continue reading.

Lastly, do make sure that your content is vetted before sending them to your customers. If you are unsure of doing so, you can always look for a professional offering   Web Design Services Singapore to assist you in pitching your content.

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